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We remember Robert McDevitt


robert mcdevitt

Hello Everyone,  
This note comes bearing some unfortunate news. SFC USA (Retired), Robert Paul McDevitt, passed away on March 16, 2008 at the age of eighty of renal failure as a result of his long term fight with diabetes, COPD and dementia.  

Sargent McDevitt remained proud of his service in the military until his last days. He often spoke of his time as an army diver and the many friends he made.  These were his fondest memories.  

We are particularly grateful for those of you who came to visit Mr. McDevitt at Randolph Hills Nursing Home last year.   The presentation of the diving medal and diving hat meant so much to him.  He wore the hat everyday and treasured his time with you.  Thank you again for making this special trip.  

Please excuse the delay in our contacting you sooner as this has been a difficult and hectic time for our family.  We are just catching up with notifying the many people whose paths have crossed with Mr. McDevitt throughout his life.    

Josephine McDevitt and Maureen Bartkow


robert on deck

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