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Welcome to the Nomination
and Voting Page


Board Member and Reunion Venue Nominations

A page has been set up to allow you to nominate new Board Members for the U.S. Army Diver’s Association.  The new Board Members will serve your Association for a term of 2 years beginning January 2018.  Please read the Association’s By-Laws for additional information.

The new board members will have access to past board members for any and all assistance necessary to continue the actions of the U.S. Army Diver's Association (USADA).  Please contact your nominees and make sure that they will accept the positions before you submit your nominations.  Thank you!

Your Association hosts a reunion in Virginia every other reunion.  The next reunion in Virginia will be in 2021.

Your reunion nomination must be accompanied with the name of the reunion committee chairman for that year.  Please contact your reunion committee chair and make sure that they will accept the position before you submit your reunion nominations.